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thank you for the update and thank you for the magic potion!
I'm so glad you found the root of the problem! I started to think it was black magic that only happened to me and only on a full moon.
I'll gladly wait for 10 days now that the mystery is solved :-)

I forgot to attatch the text file. Here it is.

I tried turning off the Addblocker, I know they can lead to problems but I didn't even think about that option.
Unfortunately, it didn't help. I got handed an "empty" card again today.
I right-clicked the empty spot that should have contained a card, I did same thing when I sent you the screenshot earlier.
I noticed a "pass-button" that I never saw during a game of Siberia. But again, I can't make much sense of the code.
I copied the content of the console to a text file, I hope that will help.

This happens to me again and again. But I seem to be the only player having this problem. All your suggested solutions didn't change anything. I trief following the instructions from this thread
But I couldn't really follow the instructions since there was no image source URL to click. I made you a screenshot anyways, in the hope that oyu might make more sense of it than I am able to.
There should be a card in the second slot, but it is not shown, not clickable and I can't find the part of the code that might tell me why.

Am I the only one this who has this bug!? This happened to me again - twice in the last two days. When the draw pile is shuffled, I get non-existing hand cards. Refreshing the page with Ctrl+F5 did not fix it, in fact it made it worse today:
As my turn, I drew 2 cards. Since the pile was empty, the game shuffled the cards, dealed me one card, then continued. I refreshed the page with Ctrl+F5 to see the second card, but in fact this made the first card disappear also. I had 2 "blocked" spaces in my hand as previously described.

Hello everybody!
Since it worked well to discuss the "shadows" in Lost Cities ('shadow'-on-played-tiles/msg1120/#msg1120), I want to collect feedback about other games as well.
I personally think the new animations are distracting in a lot of games and should be altered to be less hectic. But maybe other players see things differently?

In Finito for example, the blinking is really distracting. I like that the possible spots on your board are now marked in red, it's better visible than the former green. But the blinking is too distracting, the way the spots are marked on the opponent's board is much better. Especially when all numbers are on the board and you have to move them, it is really distracting that every number plus the red marks are constantly blinking.
In Keltis Cards, I also think there is too much "movement". The white rings around the cards I can choose help somewhat to see all the options. But the blinking is just too much. Espcially when you choose a card from your hand, the blinking of every possible spot you could move that card to is way too hectic.

I'm looking forward to reading other player's opinions on the new design!

Thank you for considering our opinions! I think Lost Cities is much better now! I could still do without the pulsating white shadow around the hand cards, but they are already less distracting now now that they are dimmed.
And I think other games should be less glowy, too. Although I have to find the time to play some more, befor I can give you more detailled feedback.

The brightness of the shadow doesn't bother me much, but the pulsating and blinking everywhere really annoys me! It's way too much a distraction when playing, especially when you are not a beginner anymore. I agree that it is a good tool for tutorials and maybe training games to see what you options are durign each step of the game.
As for what bothers me most - definitely No. 1 (cards in hand when it is your turn). The blinking and pulsating is just distracting.
But also case 2 (played cards in the expeditions) is unneccessary - why would you need to highlight a played card?! The thing about highlights is, when you highlight EVERYTHING, the highlights get kind of meaningless...
This also applys to other games, the blinking, cards and spots in Keltis Cards for example are toally unnecessary and rather distracting than helpful. All the movement and blinking and spinning  makes it harder to focus on the actual game. Maybe you could dial the whole highlights-and-blinking-thing back a bit in general?

Thank you for the detailed instructions.
I played Siberia for a while, first time I had problems I reported it here. My browser was definitely closed between the two reported occasions. So I tried step 2) today. Let's see what happens...

Now I've done it again, but this time I only had one "phantom card". Again, it happened when drawing cards from an empty pile. I made a screenshot at the end of the game. The last thing the game always does is hand you a card after your last turn. Here you can see that last card I received was arranged right of the empty spot (that is blocked by a "phantom card").

I'm using Firefox 59.0.1 (64-Bit).
It may very well be just my browser's issue. I can't replicate the behaivor, getting the draw stack to exactly 0 is to much effort ;-) If it happens again, I'll let you know.
And thanks for the coins :-)

Hi guys,
I just had a weird bug when playing Siberia and was told to report it in the forum.
For my turn I drew cards, when the stack contained 0 cards. The game continued as if I received cards, but they were never shown to me. I did not see them in my hand cards. The spots where the freshly drawn cards should have been were blocked though, cards I received afterwards were arranged right of the blocked (empty) spaces. I could not see or click the phantom cards. Otherwise the game continued normally.

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Feedback on new bonus cards
« on: 17/03/18, 12:06pm »
I like the bonus cards! It feels exactly like a bonus. You get them in addition to playing and the bonus won't be messed up by a stuck game or unstable wifi connection (like the winning streaks).
It also took me a while to realize I had to click the once turned cards again. I don't really see the point of it, who would not want to claim the prize? Not clicking the turned card probably never happens on purpose.
I agree that the "dancing" card animation seems to be a bit too much effort. It seems to slow down the site, especially when viewd on a mobile device.

Rankings, meeples and achievements / Re: Draw
« on: 08/08/17, 07:15am »
I wondered about the effects of a draw, too. I get that your ranking changes. A draw against a lower ranked player is not an achievement. But I hate that the streak is broken.

Okay, I'm gonna guess: Is it "Niya"?

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