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 I've noticed for about 4 weeks now that whenever I have the option to gain 8 food by clicking the link to a partner the link to Zatu,  always links to a page saying refuses to connect.

 It's not a problem for myself as I still receive the 8 food reward after the time out, but I wonder if the link is not working as I notice a previous thread with the same problem for Funagain.

 I'm using Microsoft Edge browser.

 Edit : I've just tried the link on the main page to Zatu and that works fine for me.

World, castle, market... / Re: King's favors
« on: 19/12/20, 02:58pm »

 They are used to customise your world map buildings. To make your world look nicer. Basically there just for cosmetic appearances.   

HexRoller / Link to Hexroller rules not working ?
« on: 17/12/20, 10:53pm »

 The link to the rules just sends me to the Happy Meeple info page. And the download rules link on that page can't find a connection.


 D'oh, just realised I was counting the wastelands as the edge of the map for scoring. I can see now that on the rules summery it does say wastelands are filled spaces.

 Ah well, hopefully this means I'll score better in future.  :D

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