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Happy Meeple community / No Music in Games!!
« on: 09/04/19, 06:49pm »
After my latest Firefox update, I lost all music in the games, regardless of moving the sliders at the bottom of the screen. It'd play right until you clicked Full Play and then nothing. Well, this seems to have been caused by an update in Firefox's privacy settings, preventing all websites from automatically playing sounds. Great?!

Thankfully, there is a solution.

Click on the "i" beside the green padlock in the web address bar at the top of the page. This drops down a menu for "Site information". At the bottom of the page, either change the PERMISSIONS - In-Game Music from "Block" to "Allow" or click the Permissions 'Cog' to open a seperate tab and deselect "Block websites from automatically playing sound."

And your favourite Happy Meeple music should return. Hope this helps. :)

Happy Meeple community / Heptathlon!
« on: 30/04/17, 01:49pm »
I'd like to see the 8 games linked in a "Heptathlon" competition each month with corresponding table of high scores for kudos and perhaps a Coin reward for Gold, Silver and Bronze (Top 3 scores).

The idea would mirror the Heptathlon/Decathlon scoring in Athletics. So players would play each game in turn and receive points based on performance in each against a mid-level bot, the pressure to play well mounting as you cycle through the games. The final score would be the total of all scores, giving chance for people to record personal bests and show off their overall skills.
Perhaps they could even get a medal beside their name for the following month? And on their profile?

Any thoughts?   

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