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Lost Cities / Glitch in scoring for Lost Cities?
« on: 03/02/16, 05:19pm »
There is very definitely a problem with scoring in Lost Cities. In the game I just played I had in Red:


The computer gave me 100 points. This is definitely incorrect. the numbers total 40. 40x4= 160.
160 plus the 20 point bonus is 180. The program shorted me by 80 points! (I did win anyway however :)

Are you aware of this glitch?

I have played a lot of Scrabble online at the Internet Scrabble Club. It is a regular occurrence there for players to curse at you, insult you, accuse you of cheating, and curse at you some more.

    I have never played anyone here who is not courteous and friendly. I don't know why there is such a stark difference, but it is really nice to be here. I feel like we are all friends. I have made several friends at ISC, and the majority are not abusive, but a very large minority are. Maybe it's something about Scrabble.

When you lay down the 5th end card, does that mean you are not allowed to draw a card to replace it before the end phase? That's the way the computer is playing it. Didn't know if that was a rule or just a glitch with the program. If that's the rule it seems like a strange unneccessary one!

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