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Rankings, meeples and achievements / "Unique" bot
« on: 27/06/19, 06:19pm »
I am still a fan of the idea that a special/unique bot could be unlocked at a certain rank level.
This bot would be available at (say) +1800 rank in Lost Cities.  It would be (by far) the toughest bot and exclusive to the higher rank and 'open-able' as an option to the player(s).  The reward would be something greater than a +7 ranking for a win. Maybe extra gold, or a magic potion for a time, and a new meeple for first win.
Once a player hits +1800 ranking losses are SOOO devastating to the ranking that i think many players limit their playing time (something they are completely conflicted about - want to play, but any loss kills the ranking).  I think that a unique challenge, something NOT mandatory, but optional to high rankings would be engaging and something to strive for.

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