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Glastonbury / error in spell pop up titles
« on: 20/05/20, 01:20pm »
The English spell pop ups seem to now all have Vanesco as a title, even for other spells. I don't think that was previously the case, although I'm not sure when it changed.

Happy Meeple community / chrome lag
« on: 11/05/20, 05:34pm »
Splitting from technical issues thread, since that seems to be something else. For the last week there has been an extreme lag when attempting to use this site on chrome, making it unusable. There was also an increase in disconnection. Switching to Firefox removes the lag (although in general the site is a little glitchy with Firefox and it doesn't interact well with some of the games), but the problem with chrome is still there. I saw other people mention similar issues in the chat, just want to make sure you're aware that it's not an isolated incident.

A wheat field just rotted while using a magic potion. It seems like this should also pause, since you can't harvest it while the food is not being used.

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