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I honestly don't care an ounce if the player across the world knows what my ratings are. But frankly, this garbage ranking system has sucked all of the joy out of my gaming experience. I don't care that your AI who just beat me in Hanamikoji had a rank 200 below mine. I don't care that I lost 300 rank over the past week in my favorite games. Really if someone is so concerned about this it's time to grow up a little. But seeing my rankings plummet because your AI is good is ruining my gaming experience. I have been playing your games for several months now. It's only begun to bother me that I'm no good at anything I play. Seriously though, a button to switch off the ranks from my personal view screen would make your website 1000 times better. I want that even more than the stupid 0 fish that link me back to your own website for 20 seconds. Anyhow, I'm going to take a week off from your site. I will be back in that week. I expect an affirmative answer at least to the point of "We're working on it." Otherwise you can remove my account.

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