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Off topic / Re: Hello, everyone
« on: 19/11/20, 03:20pm »
Hello and welcome!

I hope we will have a great time while talking about our favourite games here :D

I found a homepage, where children's games where compared to each other:

The text is in german, but with some free programs you can translate it in seconds. Google chrome for example can translate it automatically.
I hope you enjoy reading the article and find the perfect games for your children and maybe for us too :D

It didn't happen to me for now. I also didn't use this possibility often, so it may just be luck.
I hope you can fix it though.

Lost Cities / Re: almost perfect expeditions
« on: 09/11/20, 05:20pm »
Very nice game!
It for sure is well played. Even with the $$$! And the other colors are also pretty good filled in  8)

Lost Cities / Re: Share your tactics
« on: 09/11/20, 05:18pm »
Tempo is indeed very important. I like how sometimes you feel confident with your cards, but you end up not being able to place them all, or you get the smallest cards at the end...
I definitely like to read about your game plans!

Lost Cities / Re: Accidental Discards
« on: 09/11/20, 05:05pm »
Hey, I agree... I think that I would risk to misplace a card because the opponent withdrew his. So it wouldn't necessarely be an advantage. May even be used as a tactic, so I'd say it is fine how it is now  :D

Lost Cities / Re: maximum points in one color
« on: 09/11/20, 04:56pm »
With the $$, Amazing!
It takes a few games to achieve this I guess, very well played!

It is quite a challenge to manage those behaviours, and especially if it must be dealt with online... Such a shame that people take those games too seriously instead of just having a fun time.

Thanks to the team for introducing those tools!

A bunch of fun names  ;D. I loved to read through them, trying to find the meaning before reading it. There is definitely potential for a lot of names with "bot".

Happy Meeple community / Re: chrome lag
« on: 09/11/20, 12:41am »
I would also try to see if other sites are lagging. I don't have any problems, like the people posting before. My internet connection does sometimes go a little down, so it can definitely get slower, but it was never very noticeable  :)

Good I saw this thread, I think I also encountered such a situation. I also didn't understand why this happened. But those explanations definitely give sense.
I will report it, if I see this again.

Happy Meeple community / Re: Introduce yourself!
« on: 09/11/20, 12:24am »
I'm glad I found this place, as I looked for a nice site to play board games that also has a community.
My name is Flo and I come from Hamburg in Germany. I always loved to play games with the family when I was younger and now we sometimes play with my wife and a neighbour.

Friendly Greetings,

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