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Hanamikoji / Re: Hanamikoji tournament
« on: 19/05/20, 10:49pm »

A thrilling finish! The clash of titans commenced with Krisztian S, having battled out of the morass of losers, winning the first set of grand finals, setting up a sudden-death, winner-take-all showdown. But in the ultimate set, Senseidankclam emerged victorious, making good on their top seed billing, and laying claim to the throne in the inaugural Hanamikoji Champions Cup.

Congratulations to our winner, and a major thanks to all participants for their fair play and competitive spirit, you guys made managing the tournament very easy. Next time, a full field of 16 (or 32) and maybe an option for spectating matches? Get on it admins.

Hanamikoji / Re: Hanamikoji tournament
« on: 17/05/20, 04:55pm »

Grand finals is set, top seed Senseidankclam took the short route through winners, while Krisztian S battled through losers to earn the rematch. Both players enter with elo >2100, should be a barnburner, good luck to both.

Hanamikoji / Re: Hanamikoji tournament
« on: 14/05/20, 11:18pm »

Top 4 is set, down to the final few matchups.

Hanamikoji / Re: Hanamikoji tournament
« on: 08/05/20, 02:12pm »

Jack S and Senseidankclam compete for a spot in grand finals, while the remaining 1-loss competitors try to claw their way out of the stygian limbo known as loser's bracket.

Hanamikoji / Re: Hanamikoji tournament
« on: 05/05/20, 11:42pm »

Chalky round 2 as the top seeds advance to compete for a spot in winner's finals. Meanwhile a bloodbath looms in loser's quarters as players fight to extend their tournament lives. Tune in later this week for the next exciting update to this year's edition of the Copa de Campeones.

Hanamikoji / Re: Hanamikoji tournament
« on: 03/05/20, 09:02pm »

Round 1 in the books, top seeds now enter the fray. Hoping to have the next round done in a day or two, but understand weekdays means more extracurricular responsibilities.

Hanamikoji / Re: Hanamikoji tournament
« on: 02/05/20, 05:28pm »
KrisztiƔn S. we have a set to play, let me know what time works for you, I sent you a DM also

Hanamikoji / Re: Hanamikoji tournament
« on: 02/05/20, 05:17pm »

The bracket is set, I'll reach out to players for their individual matchups. Each matchup is best of 3 (first to 2 wins). Good luck to all!

Hanamikoji / Re: Hanamikoji tournament
« on: 01/05/20, 11:39pm »
I'm planning to set the field tomorrow morning (east coast USA) so if you want to participate please message me tonight, cheers

Hanamikoji / Hanamikoji tournament
« on: 30/04/20, 04:11pm »
I want to put together a Hanamikoji tournament, thinking double elimination, best 2/3 per round, seed by elo. I have a few people interested, but all entrants are welcome, just let me know if you want in.

Once the field is set I'll seed it by elo rankings at that time and send out the matchups, we'll play at a leisurely pace, probably 1-2 days per round, just schedule a time to play a best of 3 with your opponent and report back the result. I'll update the bracket and we'll play the next round.

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