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Here is a link to my game:

You and all your friends gather around the table to play. You have looked forward to this all week, craved another game ever since the last one ended, and finally you get to break out the deck and have some fun. Every once in a while, a card game comes along and captures imaginations in a way that other games simply do not. Ready Set Battle is poised to become the next such card game, bringing together people and generating hours upon hours of wild, zombie-infested fun.

The premise of the game is straightforward: you play as either the zombies or the human. If you are playing with the human deck, you must do everything you can do to defend against the zombie attacks, and if you are the zombies, you try to stage larger and more powerful attacks on each turn. Like the best of all games, Ready Set Battle is easy to learn but takes a zombie lifetime to master.

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