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And by the way, my favourites are : Saboteur, Lechebot and Zombot! Excellent!  ;D

For my opinion, the best bot should be named Usain Bot!! Extremely hard to beat for a gold medal...  ;)

Happy Meeple community / Re: Introduce yourself!
« on: 26/12/20, 12:57am »
Hello you all !  ;)
My name is Guillaume, I'm a french guy and I'm 41. I live in the east side of France, near the Belgium border.
I love to play all kinds of board games since I was a child. My favourites are : Concept, Carcassonne, Pandemic (not good in these troubled days  :-[), Jungle speed, Time's up, Robot rally, Small world, Ticket to ride, Sagrada... I also like to play cards games: poker, tarot...
My job is school counsellor, I have a vegan lifestyle, and I love sport especially basketball and skiing.
I'm a member of the Happy Meeple community for 2 years, and I feel sooooo great playing and chatting with players all around the world!  :D
My favourites games here are : Lost cities, Hanamikoji, Circle the wagons, and Raging bulls (I think I still own the WR for this last one, or I owned it for a while  8)
I wish you the best and take care of you.
Thanks for reading me, byebye  :-*

Raging Bulls / Re: Raging Bulls Feedback
« on: 29/02/20, 03:38am »
Tribute to Jimmy!! ;) A field similar to yours

I am proud of this one.
I sacrificed the cows early as I could not see it work. Love had to give I am afraid.
I managed to score good although I failed to isolate all bulls.
Very unusual game.

Raging Bulls / Re: Raging Bulls Feedback
« on: 29/02/20, 03:27am »
I don't always suceed...   :( This time I post a completely messy field!! :P Look at the point below the left cow: 4 fences crossing on the same point!!  :o  And couldn't recycle a single 3... :-[

Raging Bulls / Re: Raging Bulls Feedback
« on: 26/02/20, 04:00am »
Here is my most amazing game!!!  8) ;)

Raging Bulls / Re: Raging Bulls Feedback
« on: 16/02/20, 01:33am »
Here is an other >100 pts field!! Achieved without using any saw and with only 2 posts used twice! 8)
Unfortunately I got net troubles for the next 2 games that made my rating dramatically decrease... :'(

Raging Bulls / Re: Raging Bulls Feedback
« on: 08/02/20, 12:13am »
Fantastic job Gui! I like to see top scoring fields. I never scored 100 myself, although my position in the ranking list is pretty good. Seems like I am risk averse.

Thanks a lot! I have the opposite problem: always trying to get a top score... ::)
My ranking has recently improved a lot, but lost 70 on a network issue...  >:(
Can you tell me what is the WR for the online game mode? Can we see it anywhere?

Glad you like the game. It is always very nice to read players excitement about a game. We work hard to build this platform and all feedback is very appreciated. The day is starting well thanks to you Gui.

You did a great job! My favourite games: Raging bulls, Hanamikoji, and Keltis card

Time to add more challenges? Well, we thought about weekly challenges that would be generated automatically (with varying rules, numbers of bulls, cows, holes, no doubles, doubles only, etc.), but that's yet a lot of work, especially as these extra challenges would have to be treated differently from the others... :) Hopefully some day. In the meantime, maybe we'll find the time to add a few more manually.

Yes please, new challenges!! ;D
that would be great! I understand this is a lot of work...

Raging Bulls / Re: Raging Bulls Feedback
« on: 06/02/20, 11:03pm »
Thanks for your nice feedback. It's difficult to change scoring now especially as it affects all world records and all challenges threshold. It would be a lot of work for a benefit that is not so clear.

We are very proud of this game in any case. And judging by the numbers of games played each week, you seem to be loving it too.

Anyone completed all challenges? I did not check the stats.

Hello Admin!
I completed all the challenges, with 3 *** each! 8)
Don't think I'm the only one...
Thanks for all ;)

Raging Bulls / Re: Raging Bulls Feedback
« on: 06/02/20, 09:52pm »
Thanks for this really nice strategy game, I love it!! :)
I scored 101 today!! 8) Here is my board...
Guillaume from France

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