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Becki M.:

Not sure how to do a replay link (can you do that with training games?) but here is a screenshot of a recent one. I thought I had some pretty good paths but still end up running out of time (could have added the green end but needed to add two to the blue path). The big difference is pairs but I didn't have any without using the gray stones which I've found is bad strategy since the other person immediately takes them (of course!).

It's fine that you added me -- I think I figured it out but maybe not. Thanks for all your help and advice.

Stuart L.:
Thanks, Jimmy, and you're welcome.

Becki, hey 19 to 22, that's not bad!  :) 

Getting those stones is important to the point where it's probably worth letting your opponent have any grey cards if that's the only option.  Remember, you also then draw two cards instead of one, which can put you in a stronger position straight away.

Have you tried Keltis ├ôr?  It's good too.

Okay, it looks like you still haven't figured it out (?) but anyway, hope to see you around.  :)


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