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Tips, polls, updates / Re: I Can't See Any Games
« on: 22/09/23, 06:36pm »
Haven't been able to see or do anything past the map for 3 days. It seems to correspond to this new tag i habe by your web addres with 2 circles and lines that showed up same time. Please advise. I play from the phone and do not have other browser

Tips, polls, updates / Re: POLL - Preferred opponents
« on: 31/12/21, 02:27am »
I like to play with myself!! 😎😎😎

Yep. I should prob change the thread name to "the venting spot" lol.

In the last few days,..  Won 26 IN A ROW. Yep. 8 more than my longest run in 4 years playing here. Then lost around 10 of 15 (My year long magic potion ran out so I can't check it exactly) including this last game a staggering 222 to 137 where there wasn't a single chance of coming close from the first roll.

 I still enjoy it, but the number guy in me is just baffled by it. No need to reply just venting.

That's cool, but depending on how you are programming levels of difficulty (which you clearly have) I was speculating if something had changed in regards to rolls and totals. Without the ability to show play by play there is no way to show a difference. I'll just play or not as it suits me. Thanks.

Thanks for the reply. I appreciate that that is always going to be the response from most as I have the burden of proof, but this was mostly done to see if anyone else has noticed this but me and another member who I won't name.

Believe me I was loathe to write it knowing how it might be received but know that I have been here for years, have played over 10,000 games of just Level X and have routinely been first on the leaderboard for years. I understand luck and of course there are runs. I don't say it lightly but it has diminished my enjoyment.

To that end, it is not about losing, it is about consistent improbabilities happening near the end of most games. In situations that are often less than 1% probable AND they happen concurrently one turn after the other. It is shocking and has never been this bad. That is why I asked if the programmers had tweaked the game to make it harder to win by just makibg the last 8 rolls or so in a game screwy. If I am one of the only obe to notice this then it's just something I have to deal with.

 Guys, is anyone noticing changes in the AI lately, especially on Level X?

After weeks of repeated strangeness Level X is turning unplayable. Nearly every game ends with the ai closing out 40-50 to 0 or other ludicrous improbabilities. I've been here years and am loathe to critize but for what is probably the hundredth time in a month yet another game is laughably ruined. And I'm not some noob. I fail to see how you can win 15 even 20 in a row and then now lose 5 of 6 repeatedly.

Just this last round of games, anything the computer needs it will get while you get 2 2 2 1 or this last game not one, but three rounds of 6 6 6 3 or 6 3 3 6 when not a 6 or 9 exist on the board and he of course is behind by a ton.

And it isn't just from a losing standpoint. I have recently played games with long time players where it was laughable, win or lose. I don't mean no chance games, those can happen, but games where you are up 60 and 4 or 5 sequences in a row prevent a sure win or you were beyond done and yet  magically you get a string off 10 10 or 6666 to win by 2.

My question is has anyone noticed this and was the luck factor for the ai increased to add a level of difficulty because Ive played for years and it's almost cartoonish now.

I'm so late to thus, but glad it was resolved. This site is the best and Alex has been good in my experiebce. I for one have "spaced up" vulgar comments from trolls numerous times over the years. Nothing worse than seeing horrendous filth on something that some children frequent. If anything consider a year ban for anyone who engages in continuous vulgarity or profanity. Thanks.

Level X / Re: Etiquette?
« on: 05/04/20, 01:33am »
Guys Ive played probably 10k games of LC over the years and Ive not once thought about or encountered what you are speaking about. Are you saying other players should give you 10s?? This sounds like a question from someone new to the game and will clear itself up for them in a few more rounds.

Ps if this is about level x that is an equally puzzling question and has no bearing on the game. You have no given right to simply demand your opponent not take what is available and every ability to get what you need yourself.

If you are new, that was probably just the writing of a frustrated player or newbie who doesn't yet see the proper level x strategy and gameplay.

Never heard that on either game before.

Good afternoon, the food timer on the main page is set to 1 hour per each new food instead of the usual time or in my case 6 minutes with the roads. I have 4 roads going specifically to keep this time low. Is it some side effect of the testing you are running? Thanks

What does beeples relate to apart from meeples? I suppose there is an English word I don't know.

I like the adjective royal in any case.

I too like Royal as the adjective, but I think picking too literally is a bit robotic and frankly nerdy. Beeple is fun sounding in English at least and is a neat word play off the site's name that people will remember. King's Coin etc is too WoW and the other vague references to currency from the time period are too vague and try hard. Hope this helps.

Royal Beeples or just simply Beeples.

Gold, Magic potion / Re: 2nd Guess & Win Magic Potion
« on: 24/05/16, 07:46pm »
Christine, voting was closed on the 21st

Gold, Magic potion / Re: 2nd Guess & Win Magic Potion
« on: 20/05/16, 07:40pm »

I would say 1600

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