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 Guys, is anyone noticing changes in the AI lately, especially on Level X?

After weeks of repeated strangeness Level X is turning unplayable. Nearly every game ends with the ai closing out 40-50 to 0 or other ludicrous improbabilities. I've been here years and am loathe to critize but for what is probably the hundredth time in a month yet another game is laughably ruined. And I'm not some noob. I fail to see how you can win 15 even 20 in a row and then now lose 5 of 6 repeatedly.

Just this last round of games, anything the computer needs it will get while you get 2 2 2 1 or this last game not one, but three rounds of 6 6 6 3 or 6 3 3 6 when not a 6 or 9 exist on the board and he of course is behind by a ton.

And it isn't just from a losing standpoint. I have recently played games with long time players where it was laughable, win or lose. I don't mean no chance games, those can happen, but games where you are up 60 and 4 or 5 sequences in a row prevent a sure win or you were beyond done and yet  magically you get a string off 10 10 or 6666 to win by 2.

My question is has anyone noticed this and was the luck factor for the ai increased to add a level of difficulty because Ive played for years and it's almost cartoonish now.

Good afternoon, the food timer on the main page is set to 1 hour per each new food instead of the usual time or in my case 6 minutes with the roads. I have 4 roads going specifically to keep this time low. Is it some side effect of the testing you are running? Thanks

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