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Guest 134529:
A day or so ago, I had all blue Meeples - meaning I had a blue meeple for each game.  I don't understand why different games have different progressions rates.  Most of the games had a fast way to progress by getting 3 wins.  But for two of the games you had to win 4 games to progress to the purple meeple.

Is it supposed to be this way?  Will progression to all of the ranks be like this?  (some games take more, some take less). 

And is this the correct forum to post these questions?  I wasn't sure which forum would be appropriate.

Jimmy V.:
Thanks for posting!

Yes the path to meeples is different from game to game. This is because of the differences in game length.

Some games are very short. So you need more matches to get the same meeple as for longer games.

Guest 134529:
Thank you for your quick reply. 

One of the games requiring 4 games was Finito.  So that makes sense.  Unfortunately I don't remember what the other game was.  But I have a vague memory of it being separated by a few games.  Had they been next to each other, I would have guessed it was about game length.  But maybe the other one was something like Level X, which might be a short game, also.


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