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Jimmy V.:
2016/04/13 - Forum updates

- forum URLs are now rewritten to be more SEO-friendly
- forum titles and descriptions are also more SEO-friendly

This does not change the way the forum is used.

Coming soon: the main menu page is being reworked so that 1) it looks better, 2) it is easier to understand what is going on for new players, 3) it is ready for future developments including the Daily Meeple or the Meeple times, a personalized "newspaper" gathering relevant news for the player (daily quests, friend news, ranking changes...)

Jimmy V.:
2016/05/05 - The Daily Meeple

Today the big update concerns The Daily Meeple, a personalized newspaper that gets updated every time you come to the menu page.
At the moment, The Daily Meeple contains news about yourself, your friends and the forum. This will be improved over time. Friends recent matches should be added soon as well as a full page mode giving more details about each news as well as more news.
In the past important news such as "Successive wins", "New Trophy", "New Meeple" interrupted the experience in between games which was unpleasant and illogical. The news are now displayed in the Daily Meeple (the most important ones blink) instead. So the important news will still be here but players will be able to choose the moment they read them.

Please give feedback on this update in the following thread!

Jimmy V.:
2016/05/12 - Automatic redirection to preferred language is disabled

We do not redirect automatically to your preferred language any more. It means that if you stored the wrong page in your bookmarks or if you simply type in your browser, you may end up on the wrong language page.

If you want to make sure that the website is always in your preferred language, please bookmark the appropriate URL!
It can be one of these ones:

You can still use the flags on the main page or use the flags in your settings to change language. But that will be temporary.

PS: we did that because of issues with Google search engine. Although we offered a clever approach to the problem of language redirection, it was not standard and conform with SEO best practices. It may have caused issues with Google search engine.

Jimmy V.:
2016/05/16 Minor tests

Tests on the initial stages for new players
Tests on the display of game complexity

Jimmy V.:
2016/05/24 Minor tests

New tests on the introduction news for new players
Further tests on the display of game complexity


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