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can't start games on firefox

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Maria W.:
has anybody else got problems with this site using firefox?
The site loads alright, but when I get to the "full play" button nothing happens when I click it. On the second or third go of loading the site anew I can usually get a game, but at the end of the game the screen freezes, I can't scroll up or down or do anything. Very annoying.
I tried deleting the cookies, but thet didn't really help.
Everything works fine in opera.
Any ideas what's wrong?

Firefox works just fine for me on my Mac. Stick with Opera (or Chrome?) if they work... this kind of troubleshooting tends to be pretty hard in my experience.

Jimmy V.:
Does it work on Opera on the same machine?

Andrea P.:
I'm having a similar issue with Firefox on Win 10. It seems to occur most often when i am selecting a solo game (Hex and Raging Bulls) that it gets stuck on the loading screen with the coloured meeples. After several attemps I can usually get past this but it is frustrating. I have also had issues placing buildings too.

Works ok on Firefox on my Android mobile though which is strange. Can't check with Chrome as i refuse to install it  ;D

Maria W.:
yeah, it works fine - so far - with opera on the same machine.
I have win 7.

just now it froze in the middle of a game - the clock stopped running, I could move pieces around but could not place them on the board.


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