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Daily quests - Propose yours!

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Jimmy V.:
In a future release, we wil be offering daily quests. You will have 24 hours to complete a quest and earned Honour points (HP).

Houses will be earned every 3 or 4 meeples. Your village will grow as you make progress.

HP will be used to customize your houses in the world. You will add a garden, fences, a new roof, a new door, a tree, a well, a bush, etc. The artwork is ready. We "just" need to integrate it.

Here are a few ideas for daily quests. Please let us know what quests you would find fun so we can add them:

- Win 2 online games in a row
- Play 2 different games online
- Play with a friend
- Beat Verboten 3 times
- Beat 3 different bots
- Play 3 different games
- Beat 2 players rated over 1700
- Play 1 complete game among : Siberia Card, Keltis Ór, Keltis card
- Play against 3 different human players
- Play against 2 players from different teams
- Play against a German player, a French player, an American player
- Beat the same player twice

Mike M.:
Can't wait for the changes!

Stephanie E.:
how fun! I love re-arranging my world.
 I think you should nix the bot quests as you already offer bonuses for beating them3, 6, 9 & 12 times... unless you want to provide larger milestones for bots, i.e. win a prize for beating verboten 15.. 20 times.

Can't wait!

Jimmy V.:
Not sure to understand Stephanie.

What does nix mean?

Shannon H.:
Nix - get rid of. Do not include.


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