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Guy O.:
What is your best score with the Great City ? I've managed to do 36 points in my last game but I'm almost sure there is a way to do better.

Trev C.:
My best is 44


Alex B.:
Fwiw I think the best theoretical score is 85. Not that I have ever come close to that.

I gave my simulator a few unbalanced draws and 68 is one of the highest scores so far. The theoretical max is pretty tricky, because there are only 19 red squares (did I do the math right?) in the deck for 19x4 = 76. I guess the other draws need to come from single red squares which is pretty hard, since you cannot easily cover up the ruins next to the mountains.

Since the 4 pieces with red on them already take up 7 time in each season, you will have spent 5 time after 3 pieces, and therefore only have room for 2 other pieces in the first season, and 1 additional piece in seasons 2 and 3 (each converted to a single red square through a ruin). That would make the theoretical max 80. I can't easily see how you can block all the ruins to accomplish this especially in season 1, so I think the theoretical max may be about 78.

You have a simulator that lets you unbalance the draws?  How did you make that?  Or is it something someone can obtain somewhere?


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