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Bug ? - Timed-off opponent won the game

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Stuart L.:
Thanks, Melarnos and Andrea, and you're welcome.

Andrea, I guess you have to remember how far down the scroll bar goes, click-hold drag the bar to that exact spot straight away then straight back up again if it's all good and green (without letting go of the button, that should be quick enough).  I wouldn't be using the scroll wheel if that's what you're doing, that's way too slow – unless you have fantastic reflexes and you're incredibly adept at using the wheel's clicker!

Andrea C.:
Unfortunately hitting refresh gets me the "Match terminated or cancelled" message every time. It's better for me to confirm/troubleshoot my internet connection and hope the game recognizes I'm still here. On Board Game Arena players are temporarily disconnected and rejoin the game all the time. I don't know why the time out margins are so harsh here. It's a great site in other ways.

Jimmy V.:
Our gaming server has a built-in 45s timeout unfortunately.

Stuart L.:
Andrea, maybe instead try duplicating the browser tab and closing the original quickly.. it works for me.

Andrea C.:
Thanks for the suggestion. Tried it, didn't work. As soon as I get that error message it's curtains for me, no matter what I do. Think I'll have to play elsewhere to spare my opponents the frustration of games terminated in the middle. It was fun while it lasted.


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