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Stuart L.:
Okay, makes sense, thank you.

But, missing two?  – You mean two in each of both of those games?  Missing four total?

Anyway, yes... that's an absolutely bewildering achievement.  My hat's off to him.

So assume that each house need 60 king's favours for ground, 100 king's favours for roof + window + backdoor, 180 king's favours for garden (enclosure + ground + inside)
=> 340 king's favours per house * 42 houses = 14k king's favours to fully decorate all houses in the world map!  :o :o :o

Stuart L.:
Yeah, 14,280 I think, minus some crowns for some features which are already unlocked for your first and second houses, makes 13,950.

A lot!

And I'm just over 29% of the way to earning all of that!  :)


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