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buildings : repairing?


Anne E.:
I was wondering if it could be possible to repair buildings instead of seeing them getting old and just build a new one and wait for the other one  to be destroyed. (granary for example) Or if, when we erase the old buildings, it could be a good idea to recycle a part of the materials (one wood and one brick for granaries, one rock for roads for example…) Ok these are just suggestions for the possible evolution of the game.
Have a nice day

Jimmy V.:
Thanks for the suggestion. This has been asked in the past. It is certainly a good idea. This said, it is not a priority as we have many other things to work on, including most importantly new games.

Anne E.:
Yes, sure it was just a suggestion that came to me when I was removing my old granary. For sure I understand that there are many other thing more important, in the first place we are there to pla games not to build roads and granaries :). Anyway, thanks for taking in consideration all the ideas that might come through our minds.
have a nice day!

Alex B.:
Yeah while I have enough money to buy some buildings and roads, and could plant wheat, I prefer not to for aesthetic reasons as I hate to see the "rotting/disrepair" versions.


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