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Favourite world maps


Jimmy V.:

From today, screenshots of your world map are generated and stored on our server (only for the most active players for the moment as we are still experimenting). This allows to display your world in your profile page for all to see.

As the developer of the platform, it is quite emotional for me to see for the first time what you have done with it. It may be extremely surprising, but I never found the time to look at what you did there and had little idea about the final result. I simply did not have the tools to do it. Today, for the first time in so many years, I can see your worlds. And I am pleased to see many of you have planted trees, mown their lawn and built new roofs.

Enough said though, here are my favourites.

Alex B.:
Clearly this was posted before you saw mine.   ;D

Jimmy V.:
Ah! Ah! Your world is not bad indeed.

Here are 3 more. Can you spot yours?

Anne E.:
That's good that we can take screenshots that we can post or use. The problem is that it bugs a bit (at least on my computer). each time I go on the map I do what I need to d, then I want to leave and it takes a Screenshot, the page says taking Screenshot-please wait...and I wait….I wait … (eventually fall asleep…) Well you understood what I mean, unless I refresh the page nothing happens.  SO either I'm not patient enough (that can be it) or there is a little bug with this. I wanted to report this and also to propose Something: Does it really needs to be mandatory, could it be an option in the configuration panel or eventually the little icon that is already present could be enough and let player decide if they want to Screenshot or not their world map. It could also prevent you from having to stocks millions of images.  Sorry this might not be the place to post this message but I could not find a bug report section and this problem is related to the topic so..
thanks in advance


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