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Match aborted for an illegal move

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Yuki B.:
Hi everyone. Was playing an online match of Lost Cities yesterday, with a bot, and suddenly it got aborted for an illegal move. One of the admins suggested it could be a connection issue and advised to report it in the forum.
It did happen to me once before, a while ago, but during a match with a human. And apparently it happened to other people as well, and in different games.
I wonder if there is some way to not penalize the players when this error comes up? Because when the match is aborted like that, for an "illegal move" that i couldn't possibly make, it is considered as a loss on my side, so not only I lose points for a game I didn't lose, but it also interrupts the winning sequence.

Jimmy V.:
Thanks for reporting this. I credited 500 gold coins to your account (see the chat). Getting feedback is very important to us.
We have heard of this new issue in the last few months. It did not happen in the past.
We have not had the chance to look at it so far as it was pretty rare. But I think it is time to do it.
Thanks for again for taking the time to leave this message. That's very much appreciated.

Yuki B.:
Thank you for your answer!
I am glad if it helps improve Happy Meeple platform :)

Kevin T.:
This happened to me during a game of Glastonbury. I was doing the action where you look at your cards, and then when I tried to go back it said game aborted for illegal move. :o

Jimmy V.:
Did you refresh the page to ‘go back’ Kevin?


In the first case I looked at, the player had connection issues and reloaded the page to refresh the game. Then the illegal move struck. It is probably happening only in that case. Let me know!


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