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Lost Cities makeover behind the scene

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Jimmy V.:
Hi all,

We are working on Lost Cities again! The game will benefit from all the new technology and from the tools developed for Migrato. It will also have the same screeen size as Migrato.

I have started to tell the story on

Read it here: Lost Cities makeover behind the scene

Jimmy V.:
Episode 2 is released. Follow the initial link!

Mike M.:
So far so good!  I love the incorporation of the actual game board!  Will you be doing the panorama card art too?  The art on the cards has always been a nice touch of flavor.

Jimmy V.:
Well, the actual board game has always been there Mike. What do you mean?

You question about the panorama card art is a very good one and I don't have an answer yet. But be sure it is at the back of my mind. I'd certainly like to use more of the game art, but I am not sure how to do it. I will have to come up with a solution though.

The cards will be much bigger than currently (and I will hide the opponent's cards which will leave more space too). But will that be enough to use the original cards? Will the number be easily readable? I don't know. There might be an intermediate solution: use the original card backgrounds but not the numbers of the cards. We'll see how it goes.

Thanks for your interest!

BTW, day 3 is now published. Have a good read!

Mike M.:
Great reading.  I am excited by this because, as you already know, Lost Cities is the primary game I play here.  I hope the panoramic art can make it on, but I understand these things aren't easy and won't stop playing if it can't make it on!  I have always liked that the expedition cards have had the 'object of desire' and the 10 have the same object in full view.  Just a really cool flavor aspect of the game. 

As for the original game board, I suppose it has always been there, but in the new version it looks more complete?  I don't know if I can make sense of this.


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