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Game animations too fast?

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Jamie A.:
For me the Glastonbury initial tile placing is faster than it had been.

Jimmy V.:
Yes it is.

See our Update page for a comprehensive list of what changed in this update and previous ones.

Jeff M.:
Been on holiday over the past week or so, but thought I'd toss in my two cents.

Windows 10, 16 GB of RAM, and high end video card.  Chrome 64.0.3282.186

Finito -  Very much liked the flashing numeric on the number board.  Could do without the animated dice. Die was distracting.

Hana -  I enjoyed the animated increased speed.  It makes this game more enjoyable to play.  I didn't realize it before, but the slowness is a reason, I didn't play it more.

Lost Cities -   I like the faster speed.  The white highlight around the card was ok.  I think I prefer the old style just a bit better thought.

Level X =  Liked the enhanced speed.

Glastonbury - Like the enhanced speed again.  No problems with the cards or animations.

Migrato - Again like the enhanced speed.  No problems with the cards.

Keltis Cards - Spinning cards was over the top.  Very distracting.  Didn't like the X's It almost made unsure where cards were supposed to go.  The flashing white circles were OK, but coupled with the other items, it made me not want to play this game again.

Siberia Card just hurt my eyes.   It was like viewing a dying monitor or one running 60 hz in the old days.  Did not appreciate the yellow eyes on the cards.  It was so painful, I only lasted 30 seconds and couldn't continue.  I love this game, but can't play again unless it's fixed. :( 

Keltis Or - found the sounds amusing, and appreciated the extra speed.  Personally didn't care for the dancing dice, but could see where some folks might like it.


While traveling I did try and play happy meeple on my phone (Android w/ chrome).  It wasn't a great experience, but the worst thing was that when I accidentally downswiped the game would go thru a repeat playthru phase.  It became VERY annoying and I gave up.

Jimmy V.:
Thx for the comprehensive report. I’ll check this soon in particular Keltis Card.  It’s holiday time for now.

John S.:

--- Quote from: Happy Meeple on 27/03/18, 12:05am ---Several players reported that the animations were now crazy fast.

For example in Lost Cities and Hanamikoji.

I would like to understand if this was just terribly slow before and normal now or if it was normal before and terribly fast now.

Please give me your impressions on all games quoting your machine and browser!

If anyone has a video of a crazy speed, please send it to our usual address : contact at

Thanks for your help!

PS: we optimized some code in the latest update (monday), so it is possible that you feel an improvement in speed, but our intention was never to make it crazy fast. If this is the case, it is a bug.

--- End quote ---

I am also facing this problem, I need more help on this query

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