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Game animations too fast?

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Jimmy V.:
Several players reported that the animations were now crazy fast.

For example in Lost Cities and Hanamikoji.

I would like to understand if this was just terribly slow before and normal now or if it was normal before and terribly fast now.

Please give me your impressions on all games quoting your machine and browser!

If anyone has a video of a crazy speed, please send it to our usual address : contact at

Thanks for your help!

PS: we optimized some code in the latest update (monday), so it is possible that you feel an improvement in speed, but our intention was never to make it crazy fast. If this is the case, it is a bug.

Carter R.:
Mac, Chrome Browser
Finito: Was Slow, now normal. I wish the red outline came before the die finishes rolling
Hanamikoji:  Was normal, now fast specifically 3 and 4 cards not showing one side's pick then the other
Lost Cities: Was slow, now normal the light around the cards might be too much for me.
Level X: was normal, now normal
Glastonbury was normal, now normal
Migrato: was normal, now normal The Day Hunter was working on Night Cards not Day cards
Keltis Card: was normal, now normal The card halos are way too big
Siberia was slow, now normal The yellow eye on the cards is too bold
Keltis Or: was normal, now weird the dice rolling is unnecessary.

Jimmy V.:
For comparison, I have posted two videos of what I see on my computer.

So please let me know if your animations are faster or slower!

Lost Cities


Stephanie E.:
I think the spinning on the wishing stones in Keltis and the dice rolling in Keltis or are way to fast and too much.  It is very distracting in an unapealing way.

Also.. the yellow eyes on siberia ... I don't think that adds anything and makes the "board" feel too busy.

Also... for me... the white highlighting is too big and too bright now across the board.

Jimmy V.:
So what about this issue? Speed of the animations? As in the video? Different?


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