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Bug: tiles showing clear

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Shannon H.:
Instead of green tiles, they were clear. They were fine once played.
Only happened to me, not my opponent. The previous game with the same opponent, no issue.
Next game, no issues

Stephanie E.:
I am having the same bug.. 2 of 3 games with clear cards.  First time it was only the blue.. this game was yellow, blue and white! 

Jimmy V.:
It looks like it is a widespread issue. I suspect this is related to a particular browser that has just been upgraded automatically to a new buggy version.

Please all tell me what browser you are playing with!

Jimmy V.:
FYI, all 4 users that reported the issue were using Chrome version 65.

For the moment, I can only recommend using another browser like Firefox.

I have not seen any related bug report on Chrome pages. I'll keep you posted.


Jimmy V.:
If you get the issue, please post a screenshot here (or to our usual address contact at happy...ple.com).

This will help us narrow down the issue! I have just updated my browser, but have not been able to reproduce the bug yet.



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