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Stephanie E.:
A draw is a tie.  It's net effect should be nill.  No gain, no loss.  No statistics should be altered by this outcome.  The formatting for these games is that you are punished for a draw.. your points are reduced, your ranking affected, your winning streak is wiped clean, you loose all the points required to enter a game.  The spirit of a "draw" is not viewed as such on this site.  Why is that?  I am sure there must be some reason... I hope there is a good reason...

Jamie A.:
Same consequences as well when an animation gets stuck and prevents the game from being completed, even though the code knows there is a stuck animation.

UPDT: After thinking about this for more than that nano-second  ???  the stuck animation is actually worse because I'm the one who has to quit the game, therefore I lose and take the big hit not the small one. But the other consequences are the same.

Iris S.:
I wondered about the effects of a draw, too. I get that your ranking changes. A draw against a lower ranked player is not an achievement. But I hate that the streak is broken.

Why has this issue not been dealt with? Players should NOT be losing points or having winning streaks broken because of a draw. A draw is a tie for winner in a two-player game. Both players win. So if this is counting negatively against the players, it is unethical.

Guest 172513:

--- Quote from: Haplo on 30/01/18, 06:55pm ---. A draw is a tie for winner in a two-player game. Both players win.

--- End quote ---
Or both players lose.... It is just the way you take it. Not such a big deal.


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