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Accidental Discards

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Jimmy V.:
I see what you mean. That probably would be easy to implement.

However, I don't like a solution that only solves 10% of the problem.

And it breaks the rules too (although I can't see any advantage to the player).

Lena H.:
I think that the option to withdraw a card would lower the fluidity of the game. Now you can play it relatively fast, but if the opponent choses to withdraw, I guess it would call to be more concentrated on that aspect during the game.

But it surely is annoying to misplace a card  :(

Florian K.:
Hey, I agree... I think that I would risk to misplace a card because the opponent withdrew his. So it wouldn't necessarely be an advantage. May even be used as a tactic, so I'd say it is fine how it is now  :D


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