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Have we lost the rewards for the Bot Challenge?


Guest 134529:
In doing today's quest, I played against two of the lower bots that I had only earned the 3 wins achievement.  In both cases I was able to move up to having now won 6 games against each.  (I had already actually won 4 games against one of them, so when I won the 2nd game tonight I advanced to the 6 wins.  For the other bot, I had to win 3 games to move from the 3 win rank to the 6 win rank).

In any event, I scored the achievement on two bots - but got no rewards for them.  Each should have earn 75 gold according the the rewards page.   See attachment.   (If I've done that properly.  If I haven't posted the attachment correctly, you can see them on the Happy Meeple rewards page: )

So is this a bug?  Or have these rewards been eliminated but the Rewards page not yet updated?

Jimmy V.:

I have looked into this, but could not find any problem.

After rereading your post, I think there is a misunderstanding. You don't earn achievements for each bot. You earn the bot challenge achievement by beating 3, 6, 9, 12 different bots. So the ultimate challenge is to beat all of them.

The confusion comes for the fact that the color of the specific medal for each bot changes with 1, 3, 6 wins against the same bot.

You received a bot challenge achievement (for beating 9 bots) in Siberia Card yesterday.

I trust this answers you question. Have fun with our Artificial Intelligence!

Guest 134529:
I see what you are saying.  Yes, it is a bit confusing.  Thanks for clearing that up.   :)


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