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Lucky duck


Mike A.:
If you like games of luck, this one's for you. A novice can play the best player in the world and have at least a 30% chance of winning. If you have someone who can't seem to win any game you play and or they get frustrated by that, play this. Also, if you only have three minutes, you can complete one game. Good luck. You'll need it. 

Jimmy V.:
Yes there is luck in Finito. But there is also skill. How long did it take you to get the last meeple?

Mike A.:
I didn't say skill isn't a factor. However, the outcome of Finito is more luck based than any of the other Happy Meeple games by a large margin.
Alas, I haven't gotten that last Meeple yet. It's teased me by letting me get close a couple times. It will be a glorious day if/when it ever comes. It's my last overall Meeple, too.

Jimmy V.:
Looks like we need another game. :)


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