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Mike A.:
Here's an idea for a new achievement--
Current winning streaks for all games.

My suggestion probably isn't what you're thinking. It's not looking at a winning streak of all games and adding them up. For example, you win 2 Finito in a row, and then win 3 List Cities, making it 5. That would be kind of fun, but that's not what I'm suggesting.

There's a page that shows all your game ratings and current win streaks. If you get all current win streaks to 1, you get an award. If you get them to 2 you get an award. I would say you could give them up to 5 game winning streaks at least.

I think this would be great because it gives players incentives to play ALL the games.

Since it's a pretty difficult thing to accomplish, along with a badge a gold reward of 100 for each number might be appropriate. To be clear, I'm suggesting a gold reward of 100 for 1, an additional 200 for 2, an additional 300 for 3, and so on. These would be one time awards.

As a tangent, I think it would be very cool if there was a site achievement board that showed everyone's achievements over the last 24 hours. Meeples earned, new player bests for win streaks, the highest current win streaks for each game that have been earned in the last 24 hours (in other words, if someone has the highest streak but hasn't played it over the last 24 hours, it wouldn't count), and career achievements like the one I suggested.

Jimmy V.:
Hi Mike,

Thanks for the suggestion! It is always nice to hear new ideas.

I am not sure how practical this idea is and if it would be of interest to many players.

Food for thoughts anyway!


Guest 134529:
I think there is an idea in there with a bit of tweaking.  But I don't quite like that format because trying to get the achievements could block people from being able to play their own favorite games for quite a while after the 1 or 2 wins in each.

Because a person would have to play a game til they won it 3 times (or how ever many they were going for), then stop playing that game.  Say Finito was the first game they chose.  They play until they get their 3 wins in a row, and then stop playing that until they collect three in a row for each of the other games.

Next they would have to play Lost Cities until they won it 3 times and then stop.  etc etc etc. until they had three wins in each of the games.  They could be blocked from playing their favorite game(s), sometimes for quite a while if they hit a snag in one or two of the games where they couldn't get the consecutive wins.

So I think they might give up on the other games and just go back to their favorites.  On the other hand, I think it could encourage venturing out into other games, if there were a kind of Super Meeple award.  You would earn a super meeple each time you managed to get a meeple of the same level for all of the games.  Just as you only earn a new meeple one time, you would only be able to earn a super meeple one time.

And maybe whoever managed to earn all of the black 6 meeples would get a Super Duper Meeple!  lol

Jimmy V.:
You rightly pointed out the main issue with Mike's idea.

I really like yours though. The Super Meeple is a great idea and probably a great name too!

Another idea for the to-do list. Ah well... As if i needed more work to do... :)

Mike A.:
I don't understand. The Super Meeple suggested doesn't really add anything. Either people want meeples already so they play to get them or they don't.

Actually, I think the Super Meeple applied to my idea is far better. Would everyone want to go for them and the streaks? Of course not. Some would. I know I would. It's cool seeing long streaks for all games on your board.

Also, there's something I think you're missing. When people get all the meeples in a game now, there's no incentive to play it ever again. For example, I will probably never play Finito again after I get my final Meeple. I would think giving people an extra reason to play ALL games would be a good thing for the site. You disagree. Alright. No harm.


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