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Guest 134529:
I just got my 80th Meeple.  Along with it, I got a message saying that I had earned a new house and should immediately go to the world to customize it.  I clicked the available world button in the message.  I expected to arrive on the map with a house to place.  But this did not happen.  I don't really know how many houses I had before, so I couldn't tell if the game had automatically placed the new house for me.  I rather doubt this is the case, because I've never seen the game do this.  It's always given me what ever item it was, and asked me to place it.  So I tend to think I did not get a new house.

Once you are back from holiday, can you check into this, or give me a better understanding of how this works?

Jimmy V.:
There are 2 houses per "spot". So you only get a message saying to place your new house every 2 houses. Every even house (2nd, 4th, 6th, etc) the house is automatically placed next to the previous one, on the same spot.

So look for the least decorated house on your map and it is most likely your last one!

I hope this solves the mystery. Well spotted!


PS: with 80 meeples, I think it is time to register for you :). Other players will certainly appreciate giving you a name other than Guest 134529.

Doug F.:
On this subject, would it be possible to have a few, maybe two or three, detached houses that don't automatically get paired up, for a little variety?  I like duplexes, but feel a bit claustrophobic with no other housing option in the world.  Thanks.   :)

Jimmy V.:
Interesting suggestion.

Space is precious on the map : if you have many meeples, your world is very crowded. Taking a space for a single house would not help.

But maybe one or two bigger houses could work. As special treats or as decorations that you could build (from the castle like granaries).

As a general rule, I would also like to see more variety. So hopefully, we will find the time to add at least a few more decorations (lake, trees, paths) that you could choose to build from the castle. It should not be too difficult to do but as everything else, it takes time.



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