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Houses and King's favours feedback

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Jimmy V.:
Hello all,

Houses are now available on your world map.
You get a house with every new account.
Then you get a 2nd house after your first meeple.
Then you get a 3rd house after your 2nd meeple.
Then you get one house every 4 meeples, so 8, 12, 16, 20... meeples

Houses can be customized with King's favours.
King's favours are earned in 3 ways:

* new meeples
* new winning streaks records
* bot challenge (beating 3, 6, 9, 12 bots in a game)See details here:

Please give us feedback on these new features in this thread!
Bug reports are also welcome if there is any issue!
Don't hesitate to ask questions if something is unclear!

Mike A.:
I don't see anything that talks about the purpose of houses. That being the case, I'm guessing they are purely for looks and don't actually do anything. If that's correct, well, it seems like a lot of work for naught. Oh well.

Jimmy V.:
Indeed houses are not like granaries or roads, they do not have a purpose for the game other than look nice and reward players for their achievements.

As you are an experienced player here, Mike, you got a lot of houses at the same time. So you probably cannot feel the joy of getting one more house when you have only one or two.

Hopefully, other players will find it more interesting that you Mike. :)

Mike M.:
I guess my suggestion is to have more ways to earn Kings Favors.  I mostly play Lost Cities and have already earned most of the possible Favors.  I suppose I could learn a new game, but I enjoy Lost Cities a lot and use it to fill downtime at work.  I like the idea of customizing the map, but I feel like the current way to earn points is at a ceiling for me.

Jimmy V.:
Hi Mike,

There will be more ways to earn King's favours.

The main one will be Daily Quests.

I am afraid that all Daily Quests will not be your cup of tea as a good number of them will only be accessible by playing several games or if not several another one than Lost Cities. We are aware though that not everyone wants to play all games so we will make sure that it is possible to earn some King's favours by playing only one game.

Thanks for taking the time to give feedback!


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