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Tips, polls, updates / How to change email address?
« on: 11/11/20, 02:07am »
Hi all~

I was wondering how to change the email address used to log in? It won't let you edit that field on the settings page and I didn't see anyone else posting about it so...

Thanks in advance and happy gaming ^.^

Happy Meeple community / Brave browser not supported?
« on: 18/10/18, 05:55pm »
Just like the title, I've been using Brave Browser but noticed that I can access the website but when I try to play a game it logs me out and tells me "log in after 45 seconds."

Is there a way to make the site compatible with this browser? Thanks so much~

Hi there~

I was just wondering if it would be possible to change this? It's always kind of lame when a winning streak or a quest or something is ruined because of a draw... Wouldn't it be nicer if it counted as null or positively for each player? Maybe I'm in the minority, though~ it's just a thought ^.^

Thanks~! :'(

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