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Jimmy V.:
Hello all,

Guess how many total votes Happy Meeple will have on the Boardgamelinks page on Friday the 27th of May at 5pm UK time!

The closest answer will win one week of Magic Potion. In case of a tie, the first answer will win.

Post your guess here! You can give one guess until Saturday the 21st (included).

NB: if for some reason we can't check the count at 5pm exactly, the number of votes will be checked later will be used as it is.
NB2: of course, you can influence the count by voting yourself on the page (click on the heart!)
NB3: at the time of writing this post, Happy Meeple has already 217 votes.

Stéphane C.:

Jimmy V.:

You should revote, Happy Meeple already has 217 votes today. So 27 will never win :)


Stéphane C.:
323 ;)


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