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If I play as the guest, is my process saved?


Lora E.:
If I play as the guest, is my game data saved?

Stuart L.:
I presume you mean "progress", not "process" (?) and yes, as long as you have cookies enabled then it should be saved.

You should find, however, that it's easier to just create an account, then all your information that has been thus-far saved to the guest account will be saved to your named account and then you can also play from any (supported) browser on any (supported) device (or play in a private browser / incognito mode too, if that's your preference) – plus in chats people can address you by your preferred name, rather than a number (or "guest").

Okay, I've just noticed that you do already have an account, so I'm not sure why you would even want to play as a guest, in that case... 🤔


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