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Server down?


Guest 377602:
Mainly a test on the forum as friend and I haven't been able to access Happy Meeple most of the day, getting the "apologies" screen every time.

Also came here to see if there were any related posts (since HM Twitter and FB don't say anything about an outage).

If this post appears, will start wondering if it's just us having problems in our separate households on separate devices and internet services.

Joyce T.:
I am experiencing the same.  I hope the servers are restored soon.

Jimmy V.:
Back to normal. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Huggable T.:
I believe it went down at 10.15 PM UK time ( Now 15:37 PM the next day).    I was concerned that I would be deducted ratings points for the game that I was playing as I had just started a game of "Raging Bulls".  However I can assure any players at that time, that I was not penalised and therefore any games were just cancelled and no points lost.


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