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Jimmy V.:
2016/03/07 - Lost Cities has had a makeover.

Bigger screen size.
Improved artwork.
Better animations.
Expedition scoring details.
Shorter tutorial.

Lost Cities and Migrato overview pages are now available in Spanish.

Jimmy V.:
2016/03/07 - Lost Cities makeover corrections.

Following first remarks, the deck is now on the top-right of the screen rather than the top-left.
Also, the deck counter has a white background to make it more readable.

Jimmy V.:
2016/03/15 - Sounds on hover and click on buttons

The main menu icons received a little makeover. Firstly the orders of the buttons has changed to make the inn more prominent. Secondly, the icons are going up when leaving the mouse over them. Also they get a little sound at the same time. Another sound is played when the icon is clicked.

Other buttons in the interface have received the same treatment (sound on hover and sound on click)

On the back side, there has been a few improvements too:

- cleaning in the code (deleting files that are not needed any more),
- making of a few sprites (images that contain several images) to minimize the number of requests to the server and improve the pages loading time,
- concatenating and compressing some Javascript files that had never been dealt with. This should also lower the number of requests to the server and pages loading time,

The number of requests to the server and total traffic should be shrinked by about 10%.

Jimmy V.:
2016/03/24- Various improvements on help pages

New Lost Cities images on login page (game box and new screenshot of the new digital version).
Modification of an offer (ad) that was causing trouble (video ad).
Slight modification of the frequency of food offers. Most frequent partners will be displayed a little bit less often, leaving more room to smaller partners (like blogs).
"Play now" links on most help pages will now create a guest account immediately for new visitors (they will start playing immediately without going to the login page). "Old" players will still be directed to the login page via these links.
Help pages now have a home link both at the top-right of the page and at the top of the menu (bottom of the page).
The flying enveloppe indicating a new chat message now flies from the top of the screen making it more visible. It will probably help some users see that there is a new message in one of their chats (if they don’t have sound on).

On the back side:
Simplication of code.
Clicks on help pages are now recorded to help understand better what visitors are looking for and find out how we can improve.

Jimmy V.:
2016/03/25 - Food offers

We used to check that players had enough storage space to store the food that we offered. As a result, sometimes, offers were not displayed when players wanted them. We removed the storage check space. So offers are now displayed as soon as you have less than 12 food in stock. However, excess food will be lost so be aware of this!
Correction of tiny bugs that displayed advertizing on the world map. The ads are now displayed below the map.
1Dludiques link was broken. We now display the right URL.

Back office:
We updated all advertizing tags following a change of system of our provider.


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