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Question about scoring of badlands


Lieven D.:
Hi, I just played a game of Circle The Wagons.
I was assuming I would score 12 on badlands in that game, but in the end I only got 8 points.

My town is on the left, on the third row I first have a gun between two desert territories, after that I have another (in which the gun itself is also on a desert territory) and lastly I also have the same gun between two desert territories vertically.

Apparently, the last one isn't scored. Is this because I misunderstood the rules (badlands specifically), or is it a mistake in the scoring algorithm?

Stuart L.:
Guns are only scored once each, regardless of whether they're between desert locations vertically or horizontally or both.  Two guns, eight points.  That's my understanding of the situation, anyway.  Hope it helps.

Lieven D.:
Ok, thanks, I didn't look at it that way. You could be right about that. I couldn't find it in the rulebook, however.


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