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Auto Re-Roll Instead of Forced Mallet Use


I really like Raging Bulls, but there is a serious problem with the game. It seems to be affected by chance more than other games. It feels unfair to get a terribly low score on a game just because I threw a series of bad rolls. I mean, even RISK isn't that bad. You can recover from a few bad rolls on that. With Raging Bulls, three bad rolls ends your game.

I just really wish that instead of forcing you to use a mallet, a roll that resulted in no numbers matching available posts would produce an automatic reroll.

Wouldn't that be more fair?

Wm M.:
Interesting, that had never occurred to me! For me that's never felt like a problem, more just an attribute of the game in its end stage.

A part of what makes it interesting to me is that late in the game (when you have fewer and fewer open posts, and need more specific rolls), the decision to roll or stop becomes increasingly significant.

I actually enjoy weighing the odds of getting a roll that I need vs. the possibility of getting an unplayable roll (or one that I'd have to play but will reduce my score), and enjoy that those odds change as I get closer to the end of the game.

The great thing is that my suggested change (which probably won't go anywhere, but hey, no harm in talking about it) would still allow you to weigh those odds. The difference is that you would be deciding whether to use a mallet to get a possibly better outcome rather than being forced to use it because your result has no possible plays.


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