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a bug happened to help me win this game ?!


Please have a look at this game:


(this is the replay with the view from my opponent, you just need to focus on his 3rd column since move 75)

It seems that my opponent should have won but his black-winged stilts weren't revealed after he had 4 of them (in correct order: 2-2-2-1, I think).

The game should have ended right there, but I had the extra turns to win.

Did I miss something or a bug magically occurred to help me win that game?

Jimmy V.:
I guess she got confused for some reason and when asked whether to flip the column, she said no. Too bad, she would have won.

oh I see the problem now.

If the player placed the last card from the hand to column, then the game would automatically reveal the column.
But if the player merged from 2 columns into 1, then the game would ask if the player wanted to reveal the column. I was lucky that this was the case and my opponent selected "No". Once the player chose "No", even in the following turn, he could not reveal the column so that I had 2 extra turns to finish the game.


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