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Maximum number of houses

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Jimmy V.:
Some asked about many houses one could get.

As of now, the maximum number of houses is 42 which you will get for your 171th meeple.

Have a good journey towards it!  ;)

Stuart L.:
Thanks!   :D

So, obviously you've introduced a new house as a reward for earning a particular extra meeple (or two?) in Cartographers..  It was previously 41 houses, I'm guessing?  Or 40?

I've noticed that there's enough room in the players' Worlds for all 42 houses and five granaries with four spaces to spare for another potential eight houses.  Presumably, you'll be introducing more houses as you introduce more games onto your site?  Just wondering.

This site is awesome!  Keep up the great work!

Thanks again!

— Stu.

Jimmy V.:
No changes were introduced with the new game. The figures given above were already here.

You need 6 new meeples to get the last house. Maybe that's what confused you.

Stuart L.:
Hi.  Um.. no, what confused me is that you said that the 42nd house could be earned with the 171st meeple..

Before Cartographers was introduced, wasn't it only possible to earn 165 meeples?

Jimmy V.:
Ah! Ah! That's probably true.

We planned ahead a bit when we set the 42 houses limit (there were fewer games at the time). It seems Cartographers is the game that makes that figure possible.

Looks like there is only 1 player who has got the full house (of houses): Frédéric L.. He has 176 meeples (missing 2 meeples in Finito! and Cartographers). Congratulations to him on a great achievement!


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