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Game modification


Game modification

In Raging Bulls, we roll 3 dice.
Then we draw a line on the table between two selected values ​​and the third value is placed on the recycled table.

When drawing a line between a value that has already been used and another value, two identical + the other values ​​are required. One of the two identical values ​​is then uploaded to the recycled board.

Both recycling are legitimate and logical.

But what happens if we throw three values ​​that we prefer to throw away? Why these dropped values ​​are not recycled?

Sometimes, up to three times in a row, we roll dice with unusable values ​​on a perfectly good board. Sometimes two rolls give the same three values.

These cases are too random and risky.
I don’t know how much the change would affect the course of the game. But maybe it would be worth a try.

Anyway it can easily be that the game in its existing form is the most exciting.


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