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Permanent meeples or badges - "once a king, always a king"


Permanent meeples or badges

I think the existing meeple signs are hilarious and great.
But what if we added permanent meeples to the existing meeple list?
These would not follow the player’s current score, but it would be enough to get them once and from then the player would own them.

In order, I would suggest the following:
- in the top 100
- in the top 20
- top 10, top 9, top 8, ...., top 3, top 2
- No. 1 = the king of that game.  :)

These permanent badges can be meeples or tokens attached to the player's display name.

What would all this be good for?
What would it improves on the system?

The feature of the ELO score system is that the higher the score, the harder it is to keep it.
(The ELO score system is the invention of Árpád Élő, an USA professor who has a real Hungarian mind, name and ancestors)

With this little invention, the saying would be true: "once a king, always a king".

So it would be much more worthwhile to fight for more upscale rankings.


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