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Question on Rules for Keltis Card


Thomas W.:
When you lay down the 5th end card, does that mean you are not allowed to draw a card to replace it before the end phase? That's the way the computer is playing it. Didn't know if that was a rule or just a glitch with the program. If that's the rule it seems like a strange unneccessary one!

Jimmy V.:
Yes Thomas, ending a 5th path (not laying a 5th end card that's not the same thing) triggers the end game immediately.

Thomas W.:
Thanks for your good answer. One has to watch out for that when playing. One can get stuck with lots of good points in his hand.

    And yes, that's what I meant -- ending a fifth path.

Thomas W.:
Now that I have thought about it, this is not a weird rule. It does make sense conceptually. Once the last card is drawn the game ends -- proceed to endgame


Once a 5th path is closed -- proceed to endgame.

It is, in fact, very consistent. I didn't see that before, but now I do.

Jimmy V.:
The 5th path ending must occur much more frequently with 3 and 4 players.

And maybe the 2-player game would be better if the 4th path ending triggered the endgame.

Only conjecture though!  ;)


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