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[Orchard] On Kickstarter


Jimmy V.:
Hello all,

Hope you are enjoying our games.

A friend of Happy Meeple (Mark Tuck) is having one of his games on crowd-funding platform Kickstarter this week. Well the campaign is well under way actually. It will end in 6 days and has been funded easily.

Orchard is a solo game that won a competition on Boardgamegeek. I have not had a chance to play it personally (but I definitely will, as it got a large number of very positive reviews). If you like puzzle games, this is definitely for you.

Check it out!

Mac G.:
I've played Orchard since it was a PnP. It was an instaback for me. :) The real question is when is it coming to the Happy Meeple?

Luciano B.:
Thanks for the advice!


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