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Jimmy V.:
The poll is situated above.

Please feel free to tell us more below!
Are humans more friendly?
Are humans too slow?

E- L.:
Hi Jimmy,

I chose "I prefer to play bots." That's because I currently have a part-time job where I work as counsellor via Skype. I often have to wait a while until my partner writes back and sometimes I play here in the meanwhile. When the conversation starts, I have to focus on that. That's why playing with bots is better for me, because I have more time there or I can even quit a game without feeling guilty.


Jimmy V.:
Thanks Sofia!

Bots give more flexibility indeed (10 minutes per move).

They also play fast which some people like.

Mike M.:
I like both for different reasons. 

I like Bots because they make faster moves.  If I just want a fast game, I know I am not going to wait 2 min per move.  Conversely, I like the 10 min move time if I need to step away from my PC for a min.  Essentially bots give you a known and very structured game pace.

I like playing humans for the interaction and the variability in game play (bots are very predictable).  However, you do have the potential to sit down with a slower player at which point you are stuck in a slow game (and worse if they aren't particularly chatty) 

I also suppose I don't like the issue of playing a game (that somewhat centers around luck) against someone with a much lower ranking.  You loose too much and it doesn't necessarily depend on how you play.  However, the ranking isn't so important that I would opt to not play a human if available.

In summary:  I like BOTH!  No complaints here!   ;D

Jimmy V.:
Thank you Mike, but you did not actually vote in the poll situated at the top of the page. I am not sure it is very visible actually. I'll have to do something about it.

The 2 minutes per move should be complimented with a "x minutes per match" timer. But it is easier said than done and most importantly there are many more important things on the to-do list. Unless everyone complains about it of course. And that's what I want to find out!


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