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Jimmy V.:
Dear all,

We have been working on a solo game about fishing. The game was originally designed a few years ago as a fun way to earn food. But we will now develop a series of solo game and this will most likely be the first one.

The game is called (for the moment) Risky Fishing because you try to guide your boat through rough seas, avoiding rocks as much as you can while fishing. On your turn, you can either :
1) fish
2) decrease speed
3) increase speed
4) fix your boat
5) rest your staff

The problem is that you would like to do more than one action each turn but you can only do one.
As if your life was not hard enough, you also have to make sure you arrive at the port quickly. Otherwise, your fish will start rotting and you will lose some of your precious loot.

We believe the game could probably be launched at it is, but it is much better to ask for our community advice and refine the game to make it even better.

If you would like to give us a hand and give feedback (and maybe suggest improvements), please get in touch with us via the usual means (either via the contact form, the best option, or by replying to this thread). We will then send you the URL of our test website. If you already know it, you can head there straight away.

Let's make a great game together!

Jimmy V.:
We need your help. Thanks!

Soomin H.:
I've been playing it like a fiend for the past couple of days, haha~ Here is a short list of stuff I've noticed~

Things I love:
*Really cute animation
*Lots of different strategies that can be used
*Random routes/dice so it doesn't get boring (although some routes seem like death traps, haha)

Things that could be better:
*Steep learning curve~ Maybe it's just me, but there are a lot of rules and things can get confusing. I recommend playing several games in a row to get the hang of things as there isn't a tutorial mode on the beta version. Or maybe you're just quicker on the uptake than me and you'll do well the first time, haha~
*Rest counter doesn't always work, so sometimes it ends at 1 health, and sometimes it only gives 2 health
*Last block has random, mystery rocks... so that's a bit stressful haha

Things I'd love to see:
*Crabs for an extra fish bonus
*Shields for extra hull points
*A bonus that lets you rest without moving... I often give the staff a break or am rebuilding the hull and am forced into a ton of rocks and die XD;; I'd love if you could have a bonus or something where you wouldn't have to move when repairing/resting. This could also be used when you're on a big fish square and want to fish it twice~ Just a thought ^.^

Anyways~ it's really fun and cute so I recommend everyone jump on and get your strategies down before it gets launched for real~ Happy fishing ^.^

Jimmy V.:
Thanks Soomin,

That's very helpful.

FYI, there are no rocks on the last port square.

I'll make sure to improve the damage dice rolls so that the computation is less confusing.

I'll have a look at the rest issue.

And still thinking about potential additions (look at the bottom of the rules for a list of ideas).

Soomin H.:

--- Quote from: Happy Meeple on 26/03/19, 09:23am ---FYI, there are no rocks on the last port square.

--- End quote ---

Hi there~ ^.^ Oh, sorry, I mean, there is the possibility for rocks there (maybe based on speed?). Every time I land on the final port square, there is a dice roll and I have even lost points on it T.T Maybe I'm just unlucky? XD;;;


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